Bentley Instruments

Intellitech Automation Ltd are proud to be working with Bentley Instruments Inc to bring their innovative range of milk analysis instruments to New Zealand.

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Software Solutions

We have a wide range of software experience to assist our customers from small but impressive business applications.

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Machine Design & Build

Intellitech Automation for many years have successfully designed and developed machines for special environments requiring demanding tasks to be performed.

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Automation & Control

Intellitech Automation use robust embedded real-time controllers and distributed I/O that can host advanced control, factory networking and intuitive user interfaces directly.

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Our Work

Intellitech Automation was formed in 2001 to develop and commercialise a range of DHIA laboratory sample-handling robots initially created by Motion Design for LIC.

The ILAS3000 is now the leading waterbath robot in New Zealand, France, Denmark and Sweden, and is trusted to help process millions of herd testing samples every year.

We have since expanded our product range, and also create bespoke automation solutions for both milk and soil testing laboratories in New Zealand and around the world.

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Sub-Sampling Robot

This video made by LIC details how our SSR machine helps automate not only their lab proccesses but also their information handling and tracking