ILAS4000 Bacto-Robot

The ILAS4000 is an automation system created to hygienically handle milk sample testing in a refrigerated environment. Intellitech has designed the robotic system for pairing with bacteria enumerating systems from Bentley Instruments or Foss.

Automated Functions

The ILAS4000 automates a series of monotonous sample handling tasks. It ensures that samples are:

  • mapped from trays and grabbed by the robot
  • identified by RFID scanner (or barcode reader)
  • mixed by inversion to ensure a homogenous sub-sample
  • de-capped
  • placed in the carousel
  • presented to the analyser pipette
  • re-capped and placed back into the tray


Operator Savings

The ILAS4000 is easy to operate and takes over all monotonous tasks. A single operator can easily manage 2-3 machines on their own. Training to use the machine is fast and simple. The robot follows a strict procedure which eliminates the risk of human error.

Quality Assurance

The inside of the ILAS4000 is kept cool with an internal refrigeration system. This ensures that analyser readings are more accurate due to the robot operating in a cooled environment which inhibits bacterial growth. An acrylic case seals the robot off to insulate and protect the operator. The general operating procedure greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Productivity Increase

Up to four trays can be loaded into the machine at once. Throughput is maximized by the ILAS4000 as it handles multiple samples simultaneously. Up to 200 samples per hour can be processed depending on the analyser used.

System Features

The ILAS4000 fully integrates with the following analysis solutions:

  • Foss BactoScan
  • Bentley Instruments BactoCount

Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Capacity/speed Machine has an operating speed of 200 vials per hour
Dimensions 1860H x 1354W x 1280D mm (not including monitor)
Floor space requirements 2708W x 2560D mm
Compressed air supply > 5 bar, clean and oil-free
Air consumption Average 13 litres/minute, peak 25 litres/minute
Power supply 220 – 240 VAC± 10%, 50 – 60 Hz
Working temperature 4°C ± 1°C (configurable)
Weight 650 kg
Vials The ILAS4000 can be custom made to suit a variety of vial and cap designs
Standards ILAS4000 is CE certified to the applicable Electromagnetic Compatibility, Machinery Safety and Low Voltage directives.