ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot

The ILAS3000 is a revolutionary DHIA laboratory sample handling robot, created and designed exclusively by Intellitech Automation, New Zealand. The unit automates all sample handling procedures during the milk analysis stage from warming of samples through to recording sample data. The ILAS3000 has a well established track record and has been operational in laboratories for over 14 years. We have long lasting relationships with our customers based in New Zealand, France, Denmark and Sweden.

Automated functions

  • Samples are mapped and moved from the trays to the sample carousel
  • Samples heated to desired temperature, submerged in temperature-control warm water and moved from tray to sample carousel
  • For an accurate result, robot mixes samples prior to analysis
  • Samples de-capped
  • Samples identified by bar-code or RFID (optional)
  • Samples presented to the analyser stirrer/pipette
  • Sample vials returned to tray

Operator Savings

  • Easy to use
  • Robot takes over all the monotonous manual tasks
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduces operator costs by >50%. One operator can handle up to 3 lines
  • Automation helps increase throughput per line with stricter procedures
  • Efficient output

Quality Assurance

  • Consistent measurements with reliable results with repeatable automated processes
  • Pilot samples stored in separate compartment
  • Option of random pilot sample testing (depending on laboratory rules)
  • ILAS3000 presents the optional capability of alerting operators if check results are outside the user defined range


  • Two drawers for sample trays allows for continuous operation
  • Drawers independent of one another; allows for operator to use one tray while other is being tested by the robot
  • Can run at speed of up to 600 samples/ hour


  • Adaptable and adjustable to most commonly used vials
  • Drawers set up at the factory to suit many styles of trays
  • Can be used with or without barcode ID or RFID

System Features

Fully integrated with the following analysis solutions:

  • Bentley FTS/FCM
  • Delta CombiScope FTIR
  • CombiFoss 5000
  • CombiFoss 6000 FC
  • MilkoScan 4000
  • MilkoScan FT6000
  • Fossomatic 5000

Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Capacity/speed Up to 600 samples can be processed per hour. Up to 480 samples + 24 pilot samples can be loaded into the robot at one time. The first sample is measured approx. 10 minutes after the samples are placed in the first drawer.
Dimensions 1300H x 1850W x 1250D mm (not including monitor)
Floor space requirements 200 x 250 x 220 cm – including analyser. If using a FOSS analyser, it must be placed on an 855 mm high table (for instance FOSS standard table)
Compressed air supply > 6 bar, clean and oil-free
Air consumption Average 25 litres/minute, peak 50 litres/minute
Power supply 220 – 240 VAC± 10%, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption Max 2400 VA
Space for trays, each drawer
  • Max. 78H x 419W x 666D mm
  • Max. tray height 65 mm
Ambient humidity < 93% RH
Ambient temperature 15 – 33°C
Weight, operating 650 kg including full water bath and full sample capacity
  • Min. 78H x 27W mm. Max. 115H x 32W mm
  • Other vials subject to customisation
Standards ILAS3000 is CE certified to the applicable Electromagnetic Compatibility, Machinery Safety and Low Voltage directives.