Vial Capping Robot

The automated Capping Robot is an automated bronopol dispensing and vial capping robot which reduces costs and helps prevent repetitive strain injuries within your laboratory.

Automated Functions

  • Incoming vial trays enter machine on a conveyor and are automatically indexed forward
  • Preservative automatically dispensed into the vial as required
  • Machine automatically dispenses incoming caps, loaded into hopper from top of the machine, into vibratory feeder allowing the caps to traverse into the capping device
  • Vials remain in their tray during the entire process
  • Auto adjusting – Machine can support two different vial heights
  • Caps placed onto the vials one row at a time
  • Capped vial trays are stacked and then indexed out of the machine and onto the exit conveyor for removal



  • Controlled by PLC
  • Pneumatic/ electric operation
  • CE certified and guarded


Item Specification
Throughput 2,500+ vials per hour
Capacity 21 tray inserts (50 vials each)
Vial presentation format Moulded tray inserts
Vial types French 40ml and 50ml
Compatible bronopol dispensers Intellitech (optional extra) / Ismatec IPC
Compressed air requirements ~0.5NL/s, maximum 1.5NL/s
Electrical requirements 220/230V AC 50 Hz
Dimensions (excluding conveyors) 2650L x 900D x 1500H



  • Customization to suit specific vials and tray designs
  • Integrate with an Intellitech bronopol dispenser, Ismatec IPC dispenser, or custom integration.