Software Solutions

We have a wide range of software experience to assist our customers from small but impressive business applications, through to fully integrated software solutions interacting with existing systems already in place.

Business solutions

We provide purpose built custom business software solutions.  Whether this involves designing associated machinery, or purely software for applications such as streamlining multiple data entry points, and ensuring certain business rules are applied by staff, we can help.

Automation customers would generally already have a solution in place which they would like to automate, simplify and streamline with or without other existing processes. Our experience lies in designing machines that automate these processes while increasing throughput and minimizing operator requirements.

By providing staff with the right software tools, you can simplify and introduce proper quality control to data entry or modification, and thus prevent staff from causing headaches downstream in business processes.

We have assisted our customers by simplifying and smoothing out their existing processes to become more streamlined, while also providing complete transparency for managers and supervisors who are interested in the finer details, such as who entered certain data or performed a task, when they did it.  We can even provide the ability to roll back to a certain point in time for a specific “job”.

We have a great relationship with all of our customers and provide 24 hour remote support. Whatever your business solution requirements, we have the experience and software technology to provide the best outcome for you with the assurance of being able to get support when it is needed.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

A crucial part of introducing a new piece of automation into a system is to monitor Key Performance Indicators that are of interest.

We provide custom KPI reports for our machines which is based around the customers needs for easy to understand reporting. With the machine data ending up in a MySQL database, events can be queried, and results presented graphically or in table form,  within a KPI desktop or web application.

These KPI reports are completely custom-built to meet the needs of the customer.

With our KPI reporting you even have LIVE performance reporting for machines, giving you the ability to report on how a machine is doing at a given instant.  This also opens up notification options for supervisors or technicians when certain events occur.  Existing notification methods include emailing and text messages.

Technology Overview

For business software customers, we use an  Ubuntu Server Linux operating system with Tomcat hosting required web services, which in turn access the MySQL databases and local file system.

Machines access the local network, if required, via the web services on our servers.

Business applications come in many forms, ranging from Java Desktop applications, to HTML5 web browser applications built using the latest JQuery and AJAX technology.

Mobile technologies

Our machines provide a service tools web page for technicians so they can easily access configuration options and view the state of hardware without having to be in front of the screen on the machine, or currently be in the machines service menu.

We have also integrated our software to work with mobile broadband (3G USB modems from Sierra), allowing remote access to machine controllers, and also the ability to send text messages and emails.  This could be used to inform customers that their results are ready online, or to call a technician when a machine has been placed “out of service” by an operator.  This is particularly useful in workplaces where operators can spend 10 minutes looking for a technician, when instead the machine could notify the technician or supervisor by sending a text message when certain events happen.

We are also looking into developing Android applications that integrate with business processes and applications… watch this space!