Liquid Dispenser

The liquid dispenser was created in 2013 for Hill Laboratories. Since then we have manufactured and sold several dispensers to a variety of customers to help them automate the dispensing of liquids for lab testing.

The liquid dispenser automatically dispenses accurate amounts of liquid, from a bulk supply, into multiple vials simultaneously. The dispenser is calibrated to dispense a single fixed volume of liquid but can also have spacers added to dispense several fixed volumes.

It is operated by holding a ‘wand’ that dispenses the liquid over a row of vials.

There are two variants of the dispenser available.

A 10 channel dispenser that has a free wand and fills one row per dispensing action

10 Channel dispenser

A 12 channel dispenser that has a guided wand and fills 2 rows of 6 vials simultaneously per dispensing action.

12 channel dispenser

A variety of customisations can be made to cater to your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any inquiries about how we could change this product to suit you.


  • High repeatability and accuracy (± 0.1 mL with 99% confidence)
  • Multiple vials filled simultaneously speeds up lab processes
  • Small footprint design easily fits on a benchtop
  • Easy to purge, clean and maintain
  • Manufactured from inert materials to allow for use with reactive chemicals.