Hill Laboratories Liquid Dispenser

Hill Laboratories is New Zealand's Leading Analytical Testing Laboratory.

In 2013, Intellitech Automation designed and built a new liquid dispenser Hill Laboratories agricultural division, and were able to utilise cutting edge 3D printing technology to create a sophisticated manifold and check valve assembly that would never have been feasible with conventional machining technologies available.

The dispenser is designed to deliver 24ml x 10 (+/- 0.1ml) with each cycle, and is entirely pneumatic for simplicity.

Through using disposable syringes as simple positive displacement pumps, servicing costs are extremely low, and the volume dispensed is very consistent.

The use of 3D printing in the manifold meant that the check valves could be connected in a way that is very serviceable due to interlocking blocks being used on the outgoing side of the check valves. This means that should a check valve need replacing, it can be replaced without disassembling the entire manifold.

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