Livestock Improvement Corporation

Our work with Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) began through our parent company Motion Design Ltd when LIC needed to automate a complex sample pairing operation that other companies had been unable to find a solution to. The seemingly contradictory need for speed and gentle handling of the samples was solved by an intelligent motion planning algorithm and carrying up to three samples at any one time. This became a product known today as the ILAS2000.

The success of this project lead into a range of other automation projects, one of which was the waterbath robot that became the ILAS3000.

LIC Wash Automation

Wash Automation

In 2015 LIC were confirming the order for a new industrial washer/drier system for cleaning trays of both sample collection flasks, and sample vials. The infeed and outfeed conveyor systems offered by...

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ILAS3000 Waterbath Robot

Automated functions Samples are mapped and moved from the trays to the sample carousel Samples heated to desired temperature, submerged in temperature-control warm water and moved from tray to sample carousel For...

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ilas2000 pairing robot

ILAS2000 Pairing Robot

When a milk sample is taken from a herd of cows at both the morning and evening milking, each sample can be separately analysed, or the two samples can be combined proportionally...

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